Choose Your Own Adventure: Space Jam 2

The Monstars want to run it back. And this time they dragged The King into it. Read.

High Heat: Assessing Frank Underwood's Fastball

The Vice President's mechanics need a lot of work. I came up with some excuses he can toss out there. Read.

The Tune Squad Looks to Trade Fudd

Player-Coach-GM Michael Jordan has had enough of Elmer Fudd's destructive behavior towards Bugs Bunny, forcing the Tune Squad to hunt for a trade partner. Read.

You Can Do It!

Bobby Boucher's got the girl, a degree, and momma's approval. But does he have a spot on your team? Here's how to draft the franchise-changing SCLSU linebacker. Read.

The Diary of a Has-Been

2006 Olympian and star of the hit documentary, "Blades of Glory," hasn't been seen in years. What happens when he shows up in Sochi? Read.

Partner: Nick Sugai


Screenside is a real website about fictional sports stories.

A friend and I created it after exchanging texts about how underrated Remember The Titans is. A couple of months later, we had a handful of essays on everyone from Bobby Boucher to Ice Cube.

Here are a few of my favorites.