Ramla is fighting to be the role model she didn’t have as a child. #justdoit

Zeina is fighting to rewrite the rules of boxing. #justdoit

Yasemin Adar is fighting to prove that she can no longer be ignored. #justdoit

Irem is fighting to show the world why she’s known as 'The Gold Hunter.' #justdoit

Agency: Conscious Minds
Nike CD: Steve Strand
CM ECD: Cam DeArmond
CM EP: Santino Stoner
CM Writer/Creative Strategist: Mckenna Koon
CM Head of Brand: Bryant Kohler
CM Brand Director: Doug Raschio
CM Producer: Slaine Houts
CM Editor: Dominic Laing
CM ACD: Kris Cantrell

Nike TV: Fight For Your Dream

Fight For Your Dream tells four different stories about four different female fighters who are battling something bigger than what they face in the ring.